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Local provision of help

Marketing advice on a micro-scale

In my experience the advice offered to micro-businesses is too focused on backroom admin, such as payroll, bookkeeping, HR etc, and not enough on the cutting edge of sales & marketing.
We need more regular local/regional business fairs to meet customers, and to be given introductions to big companies in a targeted manner.
This is particularly important for export where the cost of business intelligence from our embassies... more »


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Encouraging business owners to seek help

Advice On Generating Online Sales

Each business should have access by a mentor or a coaching platform that makes them aware of how to attract their ideal clients, communicate with their potential prospects effectively of Time & Money & turn them into day to day business through the power of social media marketing.

Everyone business knows that Social Media is the way forward however they don't have a sure-fire online marketing strategy to produce results... more »


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